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I had to take an unplanned break from blogging to deal with a very difficult time in my personal life. But I am back, and smiling, and looking forward to sharing and discussing all things Beauty with you, again.

Even though this is way past due, I want to respond to a Tag from one of my favorite Beauty Bloggers, Hannah from

Confessions of a Nail Polish Addict Tag


1. What are you wearing right now?
I am wearing “A Phil’s Paradise” from Nicole by OPI and “Happy Anniversary” by OPI

2. What nail product can you not live without?

Besides polish, this little tool right here..
I keep one in my bag and I use it to buff off old polish if my nails look bad and I don’t have time to refresh my mani, and for quickly turning my unpolished nails into shaped and shiny naturally healthy looking nails.

3. What is your favourite nail polish brand?
OPI. Hands down!

4. What nail shape do you wear?
Mostly rounded square. They tend to keep a more manicured look, longer, with this shape, and it suits my fingers.

5. What’s your go to Red, Pink & Neutral nail polish?
Red- ‘Red Hot Rio’ from the Brazilian Collection by OPI
Pink- This is a hard one, I have so many!! ‘Pinking of You’, ‘Shorts Story’, and ‘Princesses Rule’ are the ones I go to most. All by OPI, of course!
Neutral- ‘Chillin Like a Vanillin’ by OPI, currently.

6. Short or Long Nails?
I go back and forth frequently!

7. What Nail Polish colours are on your nail wish list?
I would really like to find a good pink and neutral from an all natural company, but I haven’t, yet.
I can’t think of any others. I tend to run out and get whatever color I ‘need’ at the moment!

8. When do you paint your nails?
Anytime!! Morning, afternoon, evening, in the car at stoplights!

9. What’s your nail tip that your swear by?
Don’t try to be too careful when painting your nails, especially white tips. Go back with an orangewood stick wrapped in a little cotton and dipped in remover for clean up.

10. What nail polish do you regret buying?
Revlon Colorstay. Some of the colors are cute, but the smell is overwhelming!

11. Neon or Pastel?
I always tend toward pastels 🙂

12. What’s your favourite colour right now, you wear all the time?

Right now I keep going back to ‘A Phil’s Paradise’ from Nicole by OPI. It’s shiny and a little edgy.

I tag Camila from

Bom Dia!! OPI Brazilian Collection

I was on the hunt for new summer nail polish and a beauty blogger I follow on Twitter, #Blushingrosexo (Hi, Hannah!) mentioned she had picked up “Where Did Suzie’s Man Go?’ by OPI. There wasn’t a pic and I just HAD to know what a polish with that kind of name looked like, so I Googled it. I’m so glad I did!


I stopped in my local Sally’s Beauty Supply to get my very own bottle and they just happened to be having a ‘buy one get one free’ sale on the entire Brazilian Collection!

So, I bought the whole set!

Bom Dia!!

Even with so many new polishes to choose from I still wanted to try Where Did Suzie’s Man Go? first.
It reminds me of Creamsicles and Push Ups! My childhood!!

If you loved Creamsicles when you were little, too, then here is a little tutorial for you! Enjoy!

First I decided which nails I wanted to look like Creamsicles and painted the tips of them white with OPI’s Alpine Snow

While those were drying I painted the rest with Where Did Suzie’s Man Go?

After my nails were completely dry I began the task of making bite marks. I took a toothpick and tapped it on the table to blunt the tip.

I held the polish brush over the bottle to let a little drip run to the tip of the brush and dipped the toothpick in the little drop of polish.
With the little bit of polish on the tip of the toothpick I made four little dots on the white where I wanted the points of the teeth marks to be.
I then connected the dots with semi-circles, redipping my toothpick frequently and using a gentle touch.

Does that make sense?

When I liked the way my bite marks looked I filled in the rest of the nail with Where Did Suzie’s Man Go?

My first mani from my OPI Brazilian Collection!

Loreal Mini Haul and a Mini Update

I picked these up today for a Happy 4th to me gift!


I’ll share more on that soon.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’ve been enjoying a juice cleanse.



I’ll give more detail and a review on that as well!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you soon!

Be sure to find me on Instagram! I post there all the time! #beautyinthetrenches

Friday Favorites

These are few of my favorite things from this week. Enjoy!

Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer
It’s only around $10 at your local drugstore and you will love it! I started using it as a primer under my foundation, all over for a dewy glow, or just on those spots I want highlighted like my nose, cheekbones, and cupids bow. When I use it under my eyes I rarely need an under eye concealer.

An Eyebrow Waxing Kit. This has been working really well for me! I don’t have to pay a salon, anymore, which means more money in my beauty budget!
Read all about it here

securedownload[1] (6)
One of my new favorite nude nails and sandals with gold accent.

Gold accents are trending this season and I have been eyeing a pair of Steve Madden sandals
They’re $60 and so cute! But, in order to keep my money where it counts, I opted for these from Target

Only $19.99!

Nude nails are hot right now, and I’m so glad. This is one of my new favorite nudes “Chillin Like A Vanillin” from OPI
securedownload[1] (7)
Another favorite nude look, the one I’m wearing this week
securedownload[1] (5)

And last, but definitely not least! I’m probably the last one to discover these… but I’m so glad I did!

Maybelline Baby Lips! I picked up a couple more colors than what you see here

My two favorite colors, so far are the #30 Peach Kiss and #25 Pink Punch (the one I’m wearing below)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Easy and Cheap Way to Wax Eyebrows!

I picked this up, recently, from my local Sally Beauty Supply, for about $5 bucks!


It’s a little eyebrow waxing kit! It comes with a little ‘lip gloss’ sized tube of gel type wax, strips of muslin, an after wax soothing oil, and a booklet with directions.
How cute is that?!

It is super easy to use!!
The tube has a beveled edge, just like a tube of lip gloss.

Just squirt a little out. About this much for your eyebrow.

Then, with the beveled edge against your skin, continue to gently squeeze the tube while slowly moving the tip from the head of your eyebrow to the tail, to form a little trail of gel wax that looks like this…

It’s thick enough to not run into your lashes, and liquid enough to wipe off easily if you accidently get some where you don’t want it.

Then, use the beveled to flatten out the little line of wax you just placed, to make it look more like this…

Easy! Now place your muslin strip onto the line of wax and press gently, ensuring all the wax is in contact with the muslin.

Once the muslin is pressed into the wax, pull gently on the skin next to your eyebrow, pulling your skin toward your hairline so that your eyebrow is slightly taught. Like this…

Now, quickly ‘rip” the muslim off of your skin, pulling from the tail of your eyebrow toward the head. You always want to pull the muslin off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

That’s it! I never use the oil. My eyebrows are only slightly pink for a few minutes after and then it’s gone. That’s all there is to it!

I’ve used this kit three times and as you can tell in this pic, I will have several more waxes out of this tube. For only $5 dollars!!

If you ever find that you have any breakout after waxing, simply start cleansing the area you are going to wax with soap and water before and after you wax, and that will help.