Five Fabulous Frugal Fashion Finds

Just for YOU!

I want to share a few, five to be exact, frugal fashion finds with you, that are available right now!

1.Up first are these very cute and very affordable sunglasses


They are very similar to these sunglasses from Ray Ban$THUMBLARGE$
$51 from Lord and Taylor$THUMBLARGE$
$180 from Lord and Taylor

I really like animal prints and I really like these sunglasses, but I LOVE the price….

$10 at Walmart!! And they have 100% UV protection

2. Next, a pair of adorable flip flops. Nautical is IN this year and if your fashion budget is tight, these are a great way to accent just about anything.

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$6 at Target ❤️⚓️❤️

3. Speaking of nautical…. These very simple earrings are only $10 at Icing


4. And I found a matching necklace at the Walmart jewelry counter for $15

5. Lastly are these very sweet, very versatile, sandals!

If you follow me on Pinterest you’ve noticed I’ve pinned a few brown strappy sandals very similar to these

Here are mine
I hope my frugal fashion finds have inspired you! Please share any frugal fashion you may find! Let’s share!
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OutFit of the Day

I’m hangin out waiting for my kids to finish up music lessons so I thought it would be fun to kill some time by posting an outfit of the day!


Don’t you just love church bathroom decor?

I’m trying to build my wardrobe around basics. I’m always looking for simple pieces that are comfortable and basic so they don’t look outdated quickly.

This basic T from the Gap was a Goodwill find and is one of my favorite shirts right now!


Modesty is also important to me. With a very busy family I need to be able to move and play without worrying about exposing anything!

This outfit fits my needs perfectly.
I love that Maxi skirts and the color navy are popular right now.

Here is the bag I’m carrying today.


I bought my Ness bag from Baby Steals for a great deal and have been very pleased with it so far.

We start music day very early and have to drive about 45 min one way.
Needless to say, getting everyone up and out the door on time usually means I don’t get a shower!
Fortunately topknots and messy buns are trendy right now! I found a great tutorial here

I had to watch her do it a couple of times, but I finally got it down and now it’s one of my go to hair styles when I don’t have much time.



Here is a close up of the back and side from another day.



Well, thanks for killing some time with me! Let me know if you have any questions.
I post frequently on Instagram!
You can find me under #BeautyintheTrenches