Easy and Cheap Way to Wax Eyebrows!

I picked this up, recently, from my local Sally Beauty Supply, for about $5 bucks!


It’s a little eyebrow waxing kit! It comes with a little ‘lip gloss’ sized tube of gel type wax, strips of muslin, an after wax soothing oil, and a booklet with directions.
How cute is that?!

It is super easy to use!!
The tube has a beveled edge, just like a tube of lip gloss.

Just squirt a little out. About this much for your eyebrow.

Then, with the beveled edge against your skin, continue to gently squeeze the tube while slowly moving the tip from the head of your eyebrow to the tail, to form a little trail of gel wax that looks like this…

It’s thick enough to not run into your lashes, and liquid enough to wipe off easily if you accidently get some where you don’t want it.

Then, use the beveled to flatten out the little line of wax you just placed, to make it look more like this…

Easy! Now place your muslin strip onto the line of wax and press gently, ensuring all the wax is in contact with the muslin.

Once the muslin is pressed into the wax, pull gently on the skin next to your eyebrow, pulling your skin toward your hairline so that your eyebrow is slightly taught. Like this…

Now, quickly ‘rip” the muslim off of your skin, pulling from the tail of your eyebrow toward the head. You always want to pull the muslin off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

That’s it! I never use the oil. My eyebrows are only slightly pink for a few minutes after and then it’s gone. That’s all there is to it!

I’ve used this kit three times and as you can tell in this pic, I will have several more waxes out of this tube. For only $5 dollars!!

If you ever find that you have any breakout after waxing, simply start cleansing the area you are going to wax with soap and water before and after you wax, and that will help.

Target Beauty Haul

I’m on a pretty tight beauty budget, but I’ve learned I can buy quite a bit with a little planning and a few coupons.

This weeks treasures include some face wash and tinted lip balm.

These were priced at $3.89 each. I used a $1 off each manufacturers coupon, as well as a .75 coupon for each. Which reduced the price to $2.14 each. Target was also running a deal if you buy 3 you get a $5.00 gift card. So, I basically got all 3 for $1.42!


These are nice basic , exfoliating scrubs.

Target was also running a ‘buy 3 get a $5.00 gift card’ on these products

I had 2 $1.00 off coupons for the Vaseline Spray Lotion, and one $2 off coupon for the Simple Towelettes. The total for these three came to about $12 after coupons, minus the $5 gift card brings it down to $7 for all three. PLUS! I had a coupon for $2 off a tub of Vaseline when I purchased two Vaseline lotions, so my little pink tub of Rose Scented Vaseline was free!! And you know how much I love that stuff!

If you follow me on Pinterest, then you already know about the unfortunate demise of my favorite lip product from Bite Beauty
My beauty budget is extra tight right now because in addition to my little Target beauty haul, I also made a pretty big Benefit Cosmetics Haul from Ulta! (I’ll share that soon, after I’ve had a little time to wear the products for review)

Needless to say, I needed a cheaper substitute until I could replace my $25 Bite Beauty Lip Balm

Target just happened to be running a sale on Maybelline Baby Lips, and I had coupons, so I picked up a few!

They were on sale for $2 each, and I had a .75 coupon for each one, reducing the price from origionally $3.99 down to $1.25 each!

These are the colors I picked up


I will review these, soon, as well!

I found a $1 off Jergen’s Glow Lotion that didn’t say ‘excludes trial and travel size’ so I picked this little tube up for only .97 after coupon.

Next up, another, buy three get a $5 gift card deal. With coupons and after the gift card, I only paid $12 for both of these (normally would have been $20) The cleanser smells SO good! I can’t wait to use it!

And let’s be honest. Can you ever really have enough lip balm?

Last, but not least, a few hair care products!
These were on sale for around $5 each for the two big bottles. I had coupons for $1 off each, plus a free sample product when you purchase two, PLUS Target had a coupon for an additional $5 off of a $15 purchase of personal care products. $15 was easy to spend since I had coupons for toothpaste. Not sure exactly what I paid for these, but it was definitely much cheaper that retail!

I can’t wait to review all of these!

I hope this inspired and encouraged you to find ways to increase your beauty product options!

Outfit of the Day

I thought it would be fun to share another OOTD!

Running errands and then out to a friends house, later.


Rockstar Skinny Jeans from Old Navy

Katy Perry Tee from American Eagle

I really like how the Tee is long enough to somewhat cover my bottom

I’m wearing simple silver and black jewelry
And a ‘nude’ face with Benefit Cosmetics on my eyes, Lorealparis TrueMatch Lumi on my face, Benefit Rockstar Blush (noticing a theme, here? 😉 and Bite Beauty tinted lip balm in ‘Lychee’.

<I'm also wearing my new favorite daytime mascara Maybelline Mega Plump in Blackest Black

I started out with my hair down, but it inevitably ends up like this

Thanks for visiting!

P.S. Just in case you don’t already follow me on Instagram and missed my recent P.S.A….

Never let your Bite Beauty Lip Balm get left in your car on a hot day, and then open it to see if it’s okay.
You’re welcome 😘

Mini Skin Care Haul

If you have ever considered using coupons now is the time!

I’m on a pretty tight beauty budget and saving and using coupons helps me buy so many more drugstore beauty and skin care products than I would be able to at full price!! That allows me to have a little more money for an occasional high end beauty product!

My shopping trip to Target yesterday is a perfect example.IMG_5672

Target is currently running a sale on Pond’s Make-up
Remover Towelettes.

I really like these and they were voted one of
Allure magazines Best of Beauty. They are, however, a bit pricey,
so this is the only way I purchase them.

They usually run about $4.60 a package. Target has them on sale for $3.79 and when you buy 3 you get a $5 Target gift card.
I bought 3 packages and used a $1 on 1 coupon (from this Sunday’s paper 5/18)for each package as well as $1 on 1 package Target coupon
That took my initial total of $11.37 down to $5.37 for all three together! Then, I got a $5 Target gift card back so my net spent was only $.37 for all three!!!

(some Targets will only allow 2 identical coupons per transaction but that would still be a great deal!!)


These were also on sale. I’ve never used these
before because they also run between $4 and $5.

Fortunately, I was able to work the same deal
for these as I did the facial towelettes!

Target had them on sale for $3.79 a piece and when you buy 3 you get a $5 Target gift card back. I bought 3 of them and used a coupon for $2 off 1 package for each package I purchased. This took my initial total, again, from $11.37 down to $5.37 after coupons AND I received another $5 Target gift card! Again, making my net amount spent for these only $.37 for all 3!!

Last, but definitely not least. IMG_5670
One of my very favorite drug store beauty products!

It’s a tiny little tub of moisture!

These sweet little tubs are only $1.77

I really really like this lip product.

I initially purchased some for a night time moisturizer for my lips. But, it has such a pleasant rose scent and sweet pink tint, that I wear it all. the. time. now!

Very sheer, but just enough color.

So, to recap…

Total out of pocket spent on skin care $14.28 Received $10 in Target gift cards = $4.28 for all of this

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How to Wear Animal Prints

I just wanted to pop on here, quickly, to encourage you!

If you are wanting to include more animal prints in your wardrobe, but not sure how, layer them!!


I really like this top! And it was a steal for $2.50 at a BOGO 1/2 off clearance sale. Deb has those often.

I prefer to dress a little more conservatively so I’ve learned I can still wear wild little tops like this one, if I layer it!

I love how the back has a little tail! Just enough to cover my backside when I have to bend over or squat. So cute!

And just enough peaks through in the front to add a sexy accent to an otherwise basic top

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Five Fabulous Frugal Fashion Finds

Just for YOU!

I want to share a few, five to be exact, frugal fashion finds with you, that are available right now!

1.Up first are these very cute and very affordable sunglasses


They are very similar to these sunglasses from Ray Ban
$51 from Lord and Taylor
$180 from Lord and Taylor

I really like animal prints and I really like these sunglasses, but I LOVE the price….

$10 at Walmart!! And they have 100% UV protection

2. Next, a pair of adorable flip flops. Nautical is IN this year and if your fashion budget is tight, these are a great way to accent just about anything.

br />
$6 at Target ❤️⚓️❤️

3. Speaking of nautical…. These very simple earrings are only $10 at Icing


4. And I found a matching necklace at the Walmart jewelry counter for $15

5. Lastly are these very sweet, very versatile, sandals!

If you follow me on Pinterest you’ve noticed I’ve pinned a few brown strappy sandals very similar to these

Here are mine
I hope my frugal fashion finds have inspired you! Please share any frugal fashion you may find! Let’s share!
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